How it works



Place the fastening straps of your BackPal on your shoulders like the straps of a rucksack. Let the bleeper rest comfortably in the middle of your upper back, between the shoulder blades. If necessary, adjust the length of the straps to fit your body size.

BackPal will beep every time you slouch or keep poor body posture. This simple and effective audio reminder prompts you to instantly correct your body posture until you have built a lasting habit of sitting and standing straight.

For best results, wear your BackPal for 10 - 15 minutes two or three times a day (30 minutes in total). Practising over a period of 4 to 6 weeks is enough to create an enduring healthy body posture habit. 

Important: Your outcome depends on consistently and regularly practising, not on extending the length of time you wear your BackPal.

BackPal can be worn when watching TV, working on the computer, reading, writing, having a meal or simply taking a walk. It is also suitable for wearing during the learning stages of mastering various activities, such as dancing, public speaking, etc. when developing the right body posture is as much a new skill as the activity itself.